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Grace Blakeley returns for yet another Twitter Bitch Fight bout, this time facing off against The Sunday Times‘s Hannah Al-Othman.

The opening bell rang when Blakeley quipped “rules are dumb. I got expelled twice and my life is great” in response to a thread on school discipline. Tongue-in-cheek, apparently – although it’s hard to tell with Grace, who once declared class has nothing to do with family, education, or background…

Al-Othman was having none of it. Insisting “it isn’t funny“, joke or not, Al-Othman took the first swing: 

Never one to back down from a fight over class and privilege, Blakeley immediately pushed back:

Fortunately, Al-Othman decided not to get dragged into the weeds over what Blakeley understands class and privilege to actually mean. Instead, she simply said:

This apparently pushed the fight straight into the gutter, with both combatants going back and forth over who’s the more competent journalist (“Mate if you can’t understand any of the words I’ve used in that tweet you really shouldn’t be a journalist”, claims Blakeley) and who’s surrendered the moral high ground:

Clearly Al-Othman hasn’t learnt from her betters that the longer the words, the cleverer your interlocutor. As ever, we’ll let co-conspirators decide the victor…

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