Galloway Accuses BBC Interviewer of Broadcasting Labour Party Political Broadcast

Guido’s attention was drawn by a Tory MP to some astounding by-election TV yesterday afternoon where one local BBC interviewer tried taking on George Galloway, only to come across as an advocate for the Labour Party. After being asked whether he had any “positive goals, other than trying to bring down the Labour leader?” Galloway shot back:

“I ask again, is there any point in me being in this interview? This is a party political broadcast…

Whatever happens Labour will lose this election, and they will lose it not because you say I’m a revolutionary, not because I arrived with a fanfare on a bus, not for any of the other negatives you’ve spun in just two or three minutes in this interview”

Later on when the presenter, Martine Croxall, astonishingly tried claiming it was the Tories, not Labour, who shut down the local police station, Galloway once again had to fire back:

“Is this Labour TV? Or is it the BBC?”

Speaking to Guido about the interview, Galloway’s team slammed the interview saying “It’s clear it’s time to defund the BBC”:

“It’s no wonder people are leaving in droves for outlets like GB News when the biased broadcasting corporation are putting out blatantly partisan propaganda.”

He must be looking to switch from Russia Today…

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