Latest Data Suggests Link Between Deaths and Cases Severed By UK’s Shot Success mdi-fullscreen

The latest data released shows the link between cases and hospitalisations is weakening. Hospital admission rates are dramatically falling per 1,000 confirmed cases 10 days earlier; now hospital admission rates are just a third of what they were in February. Things are looking good for July 19th

Public Health England have estimated that the vaccination programme has so far saved between 26,000 – 28,000 deaths in England alone. Nationally, Covid stats are also looking promising. Thanks to the UK’s huge jabbing programme, death rates from Covid remain low in spite of surging case numbers. The UK currently has the fourth highest recorded number of cases in the world with 22,868 new cases confirmed yesterday, yet one of the lowest death rates, with just 3 deaths. This is at least 400 fewer than countries with similar case rates. The vaccines are doing their job…

Tory MPs have started arguing that the government needs to stop publishing daily Covid case numbers as it encourages “mental weight” on the population. Guido’s not sure that’s right: people need to understand the data. Still, it all points to it being time to end the lockdown and open the economy… 

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