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Throughout the pandemic, Guido’s repeatedly pointed out the failings of the Westminster media to hold regional governments to account, as they do the government in Whitehall. Mark Drakeford’s latest gaffe, which he’s seemingly got away with scot-free, is testament to this. At the weekend, the Welsh government published new Covid advice, recommending that if choir rehearsals go ahead, tenor voices should be discouraged as they spread the virus more than sopranos, altos or bases.

Just one problem – it wasn’t true, and the advice had been lifted from a meme page…

The fake guidance came from the page “Quire Memes” who had mocked up an article from Classic FM. A Welsh Government spokesperson has denied that the advice was based on a spoof post, albeit “[apologising] unreservedly for this error and for any confusion it may have caused”. While Wales’s Covid advisors must be under great Strauss at the moment, Guido would expect them to be more sharp and have a Handel on the situation. They were clearly quick to Bach down, though Guido hopes their heads aren’t on the Chopin block…

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