Cummings Publishes WhatsApp from Boris: PM Calls PPE “a Disaster”, Considers Replacing Hancock with Gove mdi-fullscreen

Cummings has just published a bombshell substack, which Guido is going to read through as quickly as possible and precis for co-conspirators. In the meantime, a big reveal is this Whatsapp screenshot of messages from Boris to Cummings, in which he says “on PPE it’s a disaster” and considers replacing Hancock with Gove:

Cummings muses that “the government cannot reasonably complain about me publishing” the private messages. Guido imagines he will have called that one incorrectly…

He also reveals a message from Boris said Hancock was hopeless, and an hour later called the lack of testing “totally f*cking hopeless” 

The message sent at 11.31am was in response to Cummings’ telling him Hancock had told the Cabinet meeting he’d turned down ventilators “because prices had been marked up”…

Cummings has also released a second photo of a Downing Street whiteboard, which emphasises Cummings’ lobbying for “plan B”

Interestingly, Cummings claims that on March 13 the PM texted him asking “how do we win the herd immunity argument?”. There is a notable lack of said message screenshot…

Cummings returns to his hate-spewing against Hancock, claiming he used the opportunity of Cummings and Boris being in bed with Covid to “grab the media spotlight”:

“In this chaos Hancock blurted out the already-in-place 100k target to the media on 2 April. His fundamental nature is to grab the media spotlight and with the PM and me in bed he had a great chance.”

Cummings concludes the Substack by asking Boris “why did you keep in post a Secretary of State you described yourself as ‘f*cking hopeless’ and how many more people died as a result of your failure to remove him?”

Read Cummings’ full post here. All 7,400 words of it…

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