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According to polling of Tory voters in Red Wall seats done for the Initiative for Free Trade (IFT), when given a list of potential trade partners, Australia was ranked as the second highest priority – after the United States – for a free trade deal. The most popular arguments backed in favour of an Australia-UK trade agreement were that it will:

  • “…show that the UK is taking advantage of the opportunities outside the EU to improve trade links with the rest of the world.” (85% support)
  • “…make it easier for people in both countries to provide services to the other.” (80% support)
  • “…lead to lower tariffs and increased trade.” (70% support)

IFT President Dan Hannan says:

“This poll should grab the attention of anyone interested in the political economy of the UK, and particularly the future of the Conservative Party. Boris Johnson has begun repainting the Red Wall – this survey suggests that for those very same voters, a trade deal with Australia is a top priority.”

Dan’s identified the deciding issue: does Boris want to back the consumers of his new voting bloc, or the farming lobby’s vested interests of his old voting bloc? 

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