WATCH: Rayner Criticises Starmer’s Lack of Public Impact as Blair Says Labour Could Die Under Sir Keir

Keir Starmer’s post-local election woes are far from over. After searing mocking by Boris in the Commons yesterday, Rayner has criticised her boss in an interview with Laura Kuenssberg, saying the voters didn’t know what he stood for, and blatantly dodging questions about whether he tried to sack her. At the other end of the Labour spectrum, Blair helpfully writes that without total change “Labour will die”. In an essay for the New Statesman – which they point out is akin to a manifesto – Blair warns that the Labour Party won’t revive simply by a change of leader. It needs total deconstruction and reconstruction. Nothing less will do.” Labour’s left and right dumping on Keir before he’s finished his granola…

“At present, Labour expresses perfectly the progressive dilemma. Corbyn was radical but not sensible. Keir seems sensible but not radical”

Blair also accuses Starmer of being in thrall to the “woke left”:

“There is a big culture battle going on. Progressive folk tend to wince at terms such as “woke” and “political correctness”, but the normal public knows exactly what they mean. And the battle is being fought on ground defined by the right because sensible progressives don’t want to be on the field at all. The consequence of this is that the “radical” progressives, who are quite happy to fight on that ground, carry the progressive standard. The fact that it ensures continued right-wing victory doesn’t deter them at all. On the contrary, it gives them a heightened sense of righteousness, like political kamikaze.”

Does Starmer have anyone backing him? A very tetchy Ed Miliband was out on the Today Programme this morning saying Starmer “has provided new leadership”. So that’s Starmer’s career salvaged…

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