Guardian Admits Historic Support for the White Supremacist Confederacy, Still Covering Up Slavery Links Report mdi-fullscreen

Following Guido’s exclusive yesterday that The Guardian had covered up the results of an independent report showing its historical connections to slavery, the paper has now published a mea culpa admitting somewhat sheepishly, in terms, that it had supported the Confederacy during the American Civil War, claiming its “support for the Confederacy led to a loathing of Abraham Lincoln that today seems petty and shameful“. An odd volte face, considering just two days ago it claimed “times change but the Guardian’s values don’t”…

Informed readers have long been aware of the Guardian’s unwoke support for white supremacist side in the American Civil War. Presumably the underlying values that led a previous editor of the Guardian to take that position in past times have now actually changed. The report commissioned last July by The Guardian’s owner the Scott Trust was supposed to investigate their founders links to slavery and the cotton trade. According to the report’s lead author,  Dr. Sheryllynne Haggerty, the report was completed, though never published. Judging from The Guardian’s confession this morning, it’s easy to guess what the report found…

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