WATCH: LibDems Stealing Here, Caught Lifting Leaflets from Doorsteps, Twice

LidDem councillors have been caught stealing campaign leaflets from voters’ doorsteps twice in the past week. As shown in CCTV footage above, the two councillors – David Whipp from Pendle and Lancashire, and Jo Trigg in Towbridge – can be seen rifling around letterboxes and replacing their opponents’ electoral literature with their own. Talk about trying to steal the election…

The homeowner who caught Whipp rummaging in his letterbox said:

“If someone takes something out if your letterbox on the wall attached to your house and puts it in their pocket what would you call that? […] My security camera has just alerted me that someone was on my property and when I looked it was a local councillor taking something which was probably a Conservative flyer out the letterbox and into his pocket.”

Whipp mounted an audacious defence of his thievery, claiming the Conservative leaflet was hanging out the letterbox, and he “didn’t want more littering the area”. Guido awaits an explanation from Jo Trigg with bated breath…

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