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Reform UK has written to OFCOM after the BBC decided to exclude them from the upcoming Welsh leader’s debate – despite the inclusion of the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party (AWAP) and the Green Party. Reform UK points out this is bonkers given they (as the Brexit Party) won the most votes in 19 out Wales’ 22 council districts in the EU elections. Tice says he hopes the decision “is not some form of latent revenge for that result in 2019″…

“The decision by the BBC to wilfully exclude Reform Wales from the Leaders debate on the 29th is obviously wrong. Particularly given that Reform, as it was then, The Brexit Party, won a national election in Wales a mere two years ago Not only that we are running a full slate of candidates in line with the other major parties for the Senned. Not to include us in this debate is clearly biased, unfair and totally unacceptable.”

Their spokesman also points out AWAP is standing in just 23 constituencies, versus the 40 Reform UK is putting itself up in. Despite this absurd decision, the BBC is refusing to think again, and “will oppose any application for permission to bring a claim for judicial review”. 

The party’s OFCOM complaint is on two grounds: that the BBC is selectively focussing on the recent polling that shows the AWAP doing better, and ignoring OFCOM’s code that says greater weight should be given to real-world electoral performance and track record. Guido reckons Reform has a good case. The question is can they win it before the debate in a fortnight…

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