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Five months ago, Guido reported on Owen Jones’s new cash-for-access private video platform, created after the Guardian cut his YouTube channel. Revisiting the project less than half a year on, it looks like Owen’s set for a bumper year. With 1,874 subscribers – an increase of 550 since the start of January – his annual takings are set to range between a minimum of £70,000 to a maximum of £2.25 million, depending on what subscription tier his fans are plumping for. Guido reckons he’ll have enough affluent fans to subsidise his poorer fans…

Being conservative and assuming his subscribers split evenly between the lower £3, £5 and £10 tier options, Owen’s on course for a projected £130,000 plus in his first year. Out of which he emphasises he will of course be paying his producer at union rates. If subscribers continue increasing at the rate he’s seen since January, he’ll be on course for at least an additional £27,000 by November. Not forgetting his not insubstantial book royalties and Guardian column fees of course. No wonder he doesn’t want to become an MP – it would be a pay cut.  Welcome to the media mogul club Owen, Guido salutes your entrepreneurialism…

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