Online Abuse as Bonding Ritual Explained by @CaitlinMoran mdi-fullscreen

Caitlin Moran on online abuse…

“What you need to understand is that the vast majority of internet abuse isn’t, actually, about you. It’s not even that important to your abuser that you even see it. No – the actual, intended, ultimate audience for your abuse is the abuser’s mates. Their gang. Their tribe. Abusing you is basically a bonding ritual – it’s a performative, public action to prove their loyalty to whatever cause they’re allied to: white supremacy, antiracism, anti-trans activism, pro-trans activism, veganism, class activism, the environment, Brexit, Scottish independence, feminism, Trump, Corbynism. There are abusive people in every gang. The liberals are just as likely to abuse you as the conservatives. This is often a big surprise to liberals. “I thought we were the nice guys!” you exclaim – as, ironically, people with peace signs next to their avatars scream, “CHOKE ON A DICK!” To paraphrase Donald Trump, there are awful people on both sides.”

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