Labour Councillor Wishes Pandemic Had Happened Before Brexit to “Cull” Leave Voters mdi-fullscreen

The tolerant left continues to impress with its grace and civility. Nearly five years after the referendum, leaked screenshots sent to Guido reveal how David Everett, a Labour Party councillor for the North West Leicestershire District Council, took to Facebook in September to lament the inconvenient timing of the pandemic, writing (semi-literately):

“As for the […] attention seeking ignoramuses young and old they will Infect each other get the flue and cull themselves. Pity it didn’t happen before the Brexit vote and we would not be leaving the EU. The next disaster which is going to hit us”.

Given the referendum result produced a margin of 1,269,501 votes, it seems either Mr. Everett’s maths isn’t quite up to scratch, or he has serious concerns about a third wave of the virus. Of course, this isn’t as unfortunately timed as the story from earlier this week in which Labour candidate Janette Williamson asked of Prince Phillip “why the f**k isn’t he dead yet?

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