Evidence Shows 90% of Public Overestimating Extreme Weather Threat mdi-fullscreen

Exclusive data revealed to Guido by the Global Warming Policy Forum shows that over 90% of the British public overestimate the extent of the threat posed by ‘extreme weather’, and that the number of people dying from weather events such as forest fires has actually fallen by 95% since the 1920s. Amidst all the gloomy headlines from mainstream outlets, the research provides a refreshingly sunny outlook…

The paper also dismantled the myth that climate change is a higher priority for young people, with younger Brits actually less likely to say they were ‘very concerned’ about the issue than older generations. Overall, however, the research showed that the level of misinformation over climate change was warping Britons’ perceptions of the immediate danger – and crucially, that most were unaware of the technological advances made to help those in developing countries, with only two-fifths of the public aware that overall food production had substantially increased since 2005. It looks like the media’s alarmism is clouding their judgement…

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