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Alongside yesterday’s reports that the government is set to ban the BAME acronym across public bodies, Guido can now reveal a leaked internal memo sent to News UK radio staff which shows that the Murdoch-owned company will also ban the phrase across its business, claiming it “serves to ‘otherize’ and is fast becoming an outdated term‘”, no longer being “seen as appropriate”In case of confusion, News UK is even considering running ‘short sessions around language’, saying ‘these conversations are good for allowing debate and discussion about race’…

The company also plans to create a full “diversity style guide” which it hopes to finalise in May, though in the meantime it’s kindly provided a prescriptive list of alternatives to BAME for its employees to follow: 

  • Be as specific as you can
  • if you need to reference all groups, then always write/say BAME out in full ‘Black, Asian and minority ethnic’.
  • When referencing the groups, could you be more specific – ASIAN – Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Korean and Indian. BLACK – Black Carribbean, Black African for exmaple.
  • Use ‘ethnic minorities’ to refer to all ethnic groups except the White British group. Ethnic minorities include White minorities, such as Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller groups. For comparisons with the White group as a whole, use ‘all other ethnic groups combined’ or ‘ethnic minorities (excluding White minorities)’. We also refer to ‘White’ and ‘Other than White’ if space is limited.
  • Avoid ‘people of colour’ again this is an outdated term and falls under same brackets as above
  • Follow the government guidelines, more info here

Those with further questions were encouraged to speak to the ‘Diversity Team’…

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