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Last Friday it was revealed Labour had removed its endorsement from GLA candidate Preston Tabois, who Guido revealed had made a number of antisemitic social media comments¬†including seemingly agreeing with a Holocaust conspiracy theory. Guido imagined Tabois’ candidacy sacking would be fairly uncontentious – how wrong he was…

On Saturday the official Momentum Twitter account posted that “Denying the Holocaust is abhorrent and must be called out, but…”¬†It was swiftly deleted.

Incredibly, the hard left’s backing of Preston Tabois doesn’t end there. Guido’s now been passed a letter by Haringey Labour councillor Daniel Stone, who is trying to rally support for the now-former Labour London Assembly candidate. It claims the Labour NEC were undemocratic and removed “a black candidate with deep roots in the working class”,¬†as well as attacking the “blatant double standards involved, when compared to the national Labour Party’s continued endorsement of the Parliamentary candidate for Hartlepool.”

A well-informed source has told Guido LOTO figures are now thinking of trying to use Momentum’s Holocaust Tweet as a springboard for getting them proscribed as a Labour party organisation; hoping to get the deed done before their party conference. If correct that should be a very fun battle to watch…

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