LISTEN: AstraZeneca Wouldn’t Make Vaccines At Cost Again After EU Row mdi-fullscreen

After enduring months of baseless criticism and browbeating from the EU, AstraZeneca now reportedly regret selling their vaccine at cost price as a result of the reputational damage inflicted by European leaders, and wouldn’t replicate the strategy if another pandemic hits. What a surprise…

Speaking on the Today Programme, BBC medical editor Fergus Walsh claimed that multiple senior sources inside AstraZeneca said that in future, the company was unlikely to forego the profits enjoyed by the likes of Pfizer (set to make billions from its $19.50 jab, compared to the $4 tag for AstraZeneca’s) now that the European Commission has smeared the vaccine with claims of blood clotting and low efficacy. Not to mention threatening export controls, and blaming AstraZeneca for their shortfall in vaccine supply…

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