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A shock YouGov poll has revealed Welsh Labour is in serious trouble for May’s elections, with the data showing Labour losing seven seats – including bungling First Minister’s Mark Drakeford’s. With the poll showing Labour’s constituency share standing at just 32%, ahead of the Tories’ 30% and Plaid’s 23%, it’s set to be the “closest devolved election in history”, and possibly the worst ever result for the Labour party. And Guido was sure Welsh voters would be ever so grateful to Mark Drakeford for allowing children’s clothes aisles in supermarkets to re-open…

The Abolish the Assembly party may also be heading for a good night, with their 7% regional vote set to gain them up to four seats.

If this poll reflects the result on the night, the Tories will make five constituency gains from Labour, and Plaid would pick up three seats – including Drakeford’s own of Cardiff West. Labour is set to win just 22 seats – well short of the 31 needed for a majority. Could the Welsh Tories grit their teeth and join with Plaid to force Labour out?

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