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Labour’s Hartlepool candidate Paul Williams has apologised for a few of his tweets that have come to light, as covered on the site this morning. Specifically referring to his “Tory MILFs” tweet and one with homophobic undertones to do with Liam Fox, he’s said:

These tweets were inappropriate and I am sorry for using such language.

“They were from a decade ago, which doesn’t diminish the fact that they were wrong, but I want to reassure people that I wouldn’t dream of making comments like this now.”

Guido reckons Dr. Paul has jumped the gun – especially claiming his un-PC views are a decade old. For example, he has not addressed this tweet, in which he implies all-women shortlists may be abused by men pretending to be transgender:

If this tweet had been spotted back in 2018, it would have got him in trouble with Labour’s progressive wokerati. Guido has a feeling the two examples Dr Paul’s apologised for may just be the tip of a Twitter iceberg…

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