MPs’ Latest Tech Splurges: AirPods, MacBooks and a £245 Teleprompter mdi-fullscreen

Airpod-gate seemingly has no end in sight. Guido’s been looking over the latest expenses data dump from IPSA and can reveal former Public Account Committee chair Margaret Hodge is the latest MP to stick the luxury Apple goods on their MP allowance, along with a new MacBook totalling £1178.95. Guido would have hoped this multi-millionaire silver surfer, who used to be in charge of monitoring public sector spending, would have thought twice about such unnecessary spending…

Hodge’s rush to use her Covid-boosted expenses on expensive tech is mirrored by Tory MP Crispin Blunt, who’s put in a claim for some equally-expensive £135 headphones, and Greg Smith who very generously bought his two researchers brand new Macbooks for a total of £2,443.20.

The oddest tech spend Guido’s found so far is James Sunderland’s £245 splurge on an autocue teleprompter – something every other MP has thus far managed to successfully do their job without. Is Sunderland planning on also launching a rival to GB News? 

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