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While Labour’s busy stitching up their candidate selection for Hartlepool, one of the smaller parties that could prove an interesting watch is the Northern Independence Party. Standing on the sort of manifesto you’d imagine Ian Lavery creating if he were ever booted out of Labour, the party calls for a referendum on northern independence, democratic socialism, “Green Industrial Rebirth”, and opposition to anti-refugee rhetoric. If Labour does choose an ultra-centrist candidate like Paul Williams, the party could prove troublesome for Starmer…

Guido spots a problem on the horizon for the party, however: it’s not quite as Northern as it claims to be given their leader Philip Proudfoot lives in… Brighton.

According to a Tweet sent by the party this morning, while their leader was born in County Durham he now lives as South as it’s almost possible to live in the UK, without boarding the Isle of Wight ferry. His companies’ house address is set as Durham, however his Twitter – which seemingly references his “new neighbourhood in Brighton” – is set to private. Looks like Labour isn’t the only party with local knowledge concerns

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