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Alex Salmond told Nicola Sturgeon about the harassment allegations against former Chief Whip Patrick Grady nearly 3 years ago, during the same meeting in which the pair discussed the claims made against Salmond himself. Grady, who is accused of groping 2 researchers at a Christmas party in 2016, only resigned as the SNP’s Chief Whip last week after formal complaints were issued over his behaviour – even though Sturgeon would have first known of the issue back in April 2018. Yet again, it seems Nicola has conveniently forgotten about crucial information that’s damaging to her party…

A senior source told the Sunday Post:

“During their meeting, Alex discussed with Nicola an ­allegation made against Patrick Grady. It did not seem to come as a surprise to her. The party was undoubtedly aware of these claims for some time so why was an investigation only launched years later?”

The SNP claims it first became aware of the allegations last week, though given their track record, Guido remains sceptical…

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