WATCH: Drakeford Considers Temporary Curfew for Men

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford this morning refused to rule out instituting a curfew for all men in areas where there is a problem with sexual harassment. Guido hopes Wales has enough female police officers, paramedics and firemen for after dark…

This morning BBC Breakfast asked Mr Drakeford whether he would consider the draconian measures:

“Some people have said sometimes that if there were an area particularly where there were concerns that women were being assaulted or feeling particularly scared, that there should be a curfew on men for a period of time, is that something that you would consider?”

Drakeford replied that while “it wouldn’t be on the top of the list“, he would consider and not rule out instituting the measure.

“If it were a crisis and you needed to take dramatic action that would allow that crisis to be drawn down, then of course you would be prepared to consider all measures”.

Guido thought Green Peer Jenny Jones may have had her tongue in her cheek when she suggested the measure as a riposte to those who tell women to stay inside at night. Instead, a totalitarian curfew appears to be a measure that would genuinely be considered by senior politicians. Yesterday Sir Keir launched his local elections campaign by telling voters to look at Mark Drakeford as an example of what Labour can do in power…

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