Alex Salmond’s Opening Statement: Scotland’s Leadership Has Failed

Salmond’s testimony is underway in the Scottish Parliament. It can be viewed in full here. While questioning is frustratingly limited, Salmond’s opening statement highlights the level of evidence suppression that has made it that way. Guido brings you Alex Salmond’s opening statement in full and the key lines from it…

  • “In this inquiry it is the Scottish Government, a Government which has already admitted to behaving unlawfully, which is under examination.”
  • “I am just about your only witness who has actively been trying to present you with evidence as opposed to withholding it.”
  • “I watched in astonishment on Wednesday as the First Minister of Scotland, the First Minister of Scotland, used a covid press conference, a covid press conference, to effectively question the result of a jury. Still, I said nothing. Well today that changes.”
  • “The committee has been asked to do its job with both hands tied behind its back and a blindfold on.”

Summing up what is at stake in the inquiry, Salmond listed:

“The competence and professionalism of the civil service matters. The independence of the Crown Office as acting in the public interest matters. Acting in accordance with legal advice matters. Concealing evidence from the courts matters. The duty of candour of public authorities matters. Democratic accountability through Parliament matters. Suppressing evidence from Parliamentary committees matters. And yes, Ministers telling the truth to Parliament matters.”


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