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Woke radicals in the Oxford University Labour Club have condemned former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell for participating in a panel event with “known transphobe”. Selina Todd, a professor at one of the colleges with supposedly “a transphobic history”. Even the glorious leaders of the Corbyn revolution aren’t safe from the woke march for perfection.*

A statement released by the club say they are “disappointed to hear about John McDonnell’s acceptance” to appear at the event “and have contacted him directly to urge him to reconsider”:

“McDonnell is lending his platform and social and political capital to a person whose views actively harm members of the trans community. The Labour Party is a party of liberation, and ideologies like those espoused by Todd are directly detrimental to the liberation of the trans community”

“We are extremely disheartened to see that McDonnell either has not researched Todd fully or simply does not care that her views hurt some of the most marginalised people in our society, and we expect better from those prominent in The Labour Party”

“There could be no liberation for us without liberation for all.”

“We condemn this event and urge students not to attend”

*Except Jeremy, of course – he gets a free pass on every transgression…

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