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There will be no vote today on the new Genocide Amendment today. Instead, Bob Neill’s Government-friendly amendment (with wording similar to what Tom Tugendhat had been discussing with the Government – leaving it to parliament rather than the courts to define genocide) will be brought forward. Using a complicated bundling manoeuvre involving a Labour amendment, the Government has taken the rebel amendment off the floor…

The genocide amendment camp are furious that their chance to vote on an updated and more constitutionally proper version that still lets courts decide where genocide is happening has been taken away. Iain Duncan Smith said in response:

“The Government has run out of arguments and is now using arcane procedural games which demean our democracy and the House of Commons. We should be allowed a straight vote.”

Sources organising the amendment effort have told Guido there is now “open warfare” within Tory ranks. Whips’ threats to new 2019 intake included the withholding of CCHQ funds and unfavourable boundary reforms. In response to taking away the vote today, sources tell Guido that the same amendment will be brought again in the Lords and pass “with an even greater majority“. Not a comfortable back and forth for the Government…

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