£36,000 Councillor Pay Rise Leaves £36,000 Black Hole in Council Budget

Readers may remember how “cash strapped” loony left Enfield council voted themselves £36,000 worth of pay rises back in July. Now the council’s Medium Term Financial Plan has been signed off by their cabinet, and Guido can reveal it highlights a £36,000 black hole of “financial pressures” in the Chief Executive’s unit, thanks to the increased Special Responsibility Allowances. If only someone could have warned them…

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Labour Black Groups Refusing to Campaign for the Party

Starmer is facing a party race row after two separate grassroots Black groups launch say they are on a campaign strike, because in their words, Starmer has failed to “tackle anti-Black racism and Islamophobia” in the party. Both Grassroots Black Left and Labour Black Socialists have gone on strike, calling for supporters to boycott campaigning, after reaching “breaking point” with Sir Keir as he pushed “issues of anti-Black racism and Islamophobia… way down the pecking order”. 

Speaking on Socialist Telly, Labour Councillor Maurice Mcleod said “anti-Black racism and Islamophobia have shown to be way down the pecking order with Labour and in particular with the new regime and we’ve just got to a breaking point where members have said look no, we need to say this and we need to say it publicly”. Andrea Gilbert, a woman’s offer in the Wandsworth Labour party, described Starmer as “an absolute shambles when it comes to racism”. The chat amongst the anti-Starmer activists was viewed by 35,000 people…

The move from Labour Black Socialists came a week before Grassroots Black Left called on supporters to boycott campaigning because of Starmer’s lack of action over “black representation.” Just yesterday Starmer told the BBC the “vast majority” of Labour members back his leadership. Maybe it’s time for a confirmatory referendum on that…

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Welsh Labour’s Hypocritical Vaccine Data Mining

Welsh Labour is raising eyebrows after launching a website to mine voter data ahead of the May Senedd election, under the pretence of showing support and saying “thank you to the Welsh Vaccination team.” In order to sign Welsh Labour’s thank you card, users must fill out their name and email address which the party admit they may then use the data to add to its email subscriber lists. Guido’s sure if the Tories followed suit Labour would be non-plussed…

Data mining is the name of the game in modern-day politics and all parties use it as a campaigning technique. Guido does, however, remind readers that the Welsh Labour government, like Sir Keir, called on the UK government to remain in the European Medicines Agency:

“I don’t see why the UK Government couldn’t come to a comprehensive agreement with the EMA in future. I don’t see the point of having a separate UK agency doing exactly the same thing as the European Medicines Agency is doing. Surely, it makes perfect sense… to have the widest spread of drug approval possible, so that drugs are approved across the whole of Europe and can be used across the whole of Europe.”

If it had been up to Mark Drakeford, very few Welsh people would have anything to be grateful for…

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335 Uyghur Survivors Accuse Bob Neill of ‘Betrayal’

Bob Neill’s amendment which seeks to reserve the official determination of genocide for parliament to determine is to be voted on in the Commons today. It is backed by the government, unlike the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China backed amendment which leaves it to the Courts to define genocide. Guido has got his hands on an unusually stark response to Sir Bob’s new amendment, signed by 335 Uyghur survivors. They say that his amendment amounts to having been betrayed:

“we hold such high hopes for the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill… We placed great hope in this. But then we heard of your amendment.

Then we knew, Mr Neill, we had been betrayed. For your amendment, in preventing a vote on the Genocide Amendment would deny the House of Commons the right to offer us our day in court.”

Strong stuff. Read the letter in full below:

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Government Swerves Vote on New Genocide Amendment

There will be no vote today on the new Genocide Amendment today. Instead, Bob Neill’s Government-friendly amendment (with wording similar to what Tom Tugendhat had been discussing with the Government – leaving it to parliament rather than the courts to define genocide) will be brought forward. Using a complicated bundling manoeuvre involving a Labour amendment, the Government has taken the rebel amendment off the floor…

The genocide amendment camp are furious that their chance to vote on an updated and more constitutionally proper version that still lets courts decide where genocide is happening has been taken away. Iain Duncan Smith said in response:

“The Government has run out of arguments and is now using arcane procedural games which demean our democracy and the House of Commons. We should be allowed a straight vote.”

Sources organising the amendment effort have told Guido there is now “open warfare” within Tory ranks. Whips’ threats to new 2019 intake included the withholding of CCHQ funds and unfavourable boundary reforms. In response to taking away the vote today, sources tell Guido that the same amendment will be brought again in the Lords and pass “with an even greater majority“. Not a comfortable back and forth for the Government…

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Chairman Sturgeon’s Little Tartan Book

Scotland’s one-party regime, led by Chairman Nicola, is increasingly reminiscent of Mao’s China with Bute House in Edinburgh taking the place of the Zhongnanhai, in the Forbidden City. Scottish politics moves one step closer to mimicking the communist state, as Sandstone Press this week announced they will shortly publish a book of selected speeches by Nicola Sturgeon just days after the Scottish Parliament Election. The book’s title? “Women Hold Up Half the Sky”. A Chairman Mao quote…

Not only is Sandstone Press publishing the book, their managing director, Robert Davidson, is the sycophantic book’s editor. Guido notes that as well as being a big SNP supporter on Twitter, Davidson’s company has been helped out considerably by Scotland’s taxpayers via Creative Scotland grants. Last year, rivals Strident Publishing took Creative Scotland to court after they poured “£410,000 of National Lottery money into Sandstone Press to underwrite £310,000 of losses, meaning that CS’s most-funded publisher has squandered more CS funding than any other publisher.” The director of Sandstone’s rival Trident has accused them of becoming a “nationalised publisher”. No wonder the publisher is keen to honour their great and generous helmswoman…

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