Starmer Privately Concedes he may Have Called for EMA Membership mdi-fullscreen

After fibbing at PMQs about his verifiable calls for Britain to remain in the European Medicines Agency, one MP leaving PMQs reliably tells Guido that Starmer privately conceded that “at the beginning of Brexit” he “maybe” called for membership. And multiple times since…

As Boris left the chamber with Starmer, the leader of the opposition was heard doubling down on his “I’ve never said it” line. Guido learns one plucky backbencher helped the PM out by citing Starmer’s own words, to which he replied: “Oh, four years ago at the beginning of Brexit maybe”.

“He was very annoyed at being caught out, bright red and panic on his face when he started backtracking, talking about vaccines”

Will an apology for misleading the House be forthcoming?

UPDATE: Multiple MP witnesses claim Labour MP Chris Matheson had to pull Starmer off the PM as he got wound up during the confrontation. Matheson himself says it’s “Bollocks”. Readers can decide who’s telling the truth and who’s trying to save their leader from embarrassment…

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