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Following on from Kier Starmer wrapping himself in the flag, Labour’s new leadership are once again trying to invade the Tories’ turf, coming out hard  against any proposed hike to council tax rises. It is solid political ground given the latest polling from ComRes confirms council tax rises are opposed by 47% of Tory voters and even more of Labour’s own voters (56%). Labour’s online team have pulled out all the stops, claiming Boris and Rishi are planning a “£1.9 billion bombshell” which “could cost a family in Council Tax Band D almost £100 on average.” This is the language of a Taxpayers’ Alliance press release, they have even got a TPA style online tax calculator:

As is the privilege of being in opposition, they have not explained what services they would cut, instead they increase council spending with calls for free school meals provision to be extended. As Gordon Brown always used to point out, you can’t lower taxes and raise spending, something has to give.

In the real world, Labour’s most powerful elected official, Sadiq Khan, is not sticking to Starmer’s line. He plans to hike his share of council tax by a whopping 10%…

UPDATE: James Roberts from the real Taxpayers’ Alliance gets in touch:

“Good on Keir for finally clocking that council tax is a real issue for ratepayers. Labour’s late to the party, so they could start by reigning in their tax-hiking town hall bosses.”

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