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It might surprise readers to learn that James Delingpole, who boasts that he is right about everything, has been on a Coronavirus journey. At the start of the pandemic, far from denying reality and writing continually about a “fake pandemic“, he was justifiably concerned, writing that “it’s serious“. By March he was wavering between worry and scepticism. When the summer came it was all “face nappies” and “bedwetters” in public on his Twitter feed. In private he had stocked up on masks…

Far from his recent antivaxx tendencies, Delingpole’s kids have revealed on social media that back in early February he was busy booking pneumococcal vaccinations for them.

Back when the Government was advising people to not purchase masks, the Delingpoles wisely bought multiple masks for the family, along with cleaning products. Now the Government is advising mask wearing, Delingpole has of course become fervently anti-mask.

At the end of January he was even writing about the lengths to which he went to avoid catching the deadly airborne virus:

“I remember waiting for the lift and a whole group of [Chinese tourists] emerged. Fearing they might be infected, I waited till they’d gone (obviously I didn’t want to be rude), then I took a gulp of air, dashed inside the lift and held my breath for the entire journey until I got out at my floor, hoping I hadn’t inhaled any of their viral miasma. At the time, I did feel a bit of an idiot. Now I wonder whether I was cautious enough.”

Delingpole’s change of heart came around March, after becoming convinced he had the disease already. In his own words “it feels bloody great… – yay! – you have a degree of immunity to this plague that is infecting and terrifying everybody else around you.” Was it the selfish belief that he had survived Covid and become immune that changed his perspective?

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