Finally Piers Morgan Confesses He Went to Antigua for Christmas, Ignoring Government Advice to “Only Travel If It Is Essential”

Piers Morgan has been on a social media blocking spree, blocking dozens of people questioning him about our exclusive revelation that he hypocritically travelled to Antigua in the Caribbean for Christmas, after telling Good Morning Britain viewers “It’s time to suck it up and make some sacrifices. Your elderly loved ones are worth more than any football match, movie trip, restaurant meal or skiing holiday.”

Lord Sugar has been mocking Piers for weeks over the issue, today Piers even blocked Julia Hartley Brewer when she brought the subject up. He likes to dish it out, not so keen on sucking it up himself.

Guido’s video released on Friday (see above) giving the background to the story, has been shared widely on social media this weekend. Guido hasn’t seen Piers be this evasive since he was in front of Lord Leveson over phone hacking. Fact is after telling us all to “suck it up” and have a virtual Christmas, he flew off to the Caribbean.

Now the video has been seen and shared by tens of thousands, he’s finally taken to twitter this afternoon to quibble about which flight he took, denying that he travelled first class, before admitting that otherwise our story was “spot on”:

Despite his first point claiming otherwise, the government specifically advised against non-essential travel.Claiming it is all within the rules and Antigua is safe, is the kind of desperate excuse making that he would condemn from an interview guest. After a year of ranting about covidiots and demanding tougher lockdowns, Piers owes the viewers of Good Morning Britain an explanation as to why he sneaked off, ignoring the government’s advice to only travel if it was essential, to fly to Antigua for Christmas. Why when so many of his viewers have missed funerals of loved ones did he deem it right for him to take a beach holiday? Did he really think that was essential travel?Calling on others to give up holidays, make compromises and have a “virtual Christmas” before sneaking off to holiday in Antigua is beyond cynical. Why didn’t Piers have a virtual beach holiday at home with a sun lamp, deckchair and a bag of sand? Piers owes Good Morning Britain’s viewers an apology for his brazen and two-faced behaviour.

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