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The Democrats are on course to pick up two more senators, in Georgia. Bible-belt Georgia. Republican Georgia. Despite Republican incumbent David Perdue finishing almost two points ahead of Democrat Jon Ossoff, he missed Georgia’s 50% threshold by 0.27% of the vote, kicking the election into a runoff vote. This should have been in the bag for the GOP.

It was one of the reasons Guido was comfortable with a Biden presidency. So long as Congress remained split, Biden would not have been able to do anything too radical. Yet Trump’s post-election flailing conspiracies have now lost his party their consolation prize. Trump being a bad loser appears to have lost the Republicans Georgia

The message could have been clear, that the only way to prevent total Democratic control of the Presidency, House, and Senate was to elect just one more Republican Senator. Yet Trump’s insane insistence that he won – despite losing by the enormous margin of 52%-48% – threw the special election into chaos. No doubt that leaked “I just want to find 11,780 votes” call with Georgia officials was the last straw for many voters.

Now early indications are that Republicans stayed home. Either disgusted by GOP indulgence of the President’s behaviour, or frightened that the vote would be rigged. In Republican-controlled Georgia. As the last votes come in from some of the most metropolitan areas in the state, it’s clear Trump’s behaviour has lost what should have been an easy win for his party.

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