September Review: Backbench Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion, and the BBC mdi-fullscreen

In September, Guido became first to report the sacking of Nadia Whittome, Beth Winter, and Olivia Blake from Labour’s Front Bench for voting against the government’s Overseas Operation Bill, against Sir Keir’s whip to abstain. Readers were then treated to Whittome finding out she had been sacked live on air…

Elsewhere, Guido fact checked an invented silly season story about Boris traveling to Perugia, got into an official letter spat with Emily Thornberry, and reported on Extinction Rebellion’s return to Parliament Square with what was probably their breast protest ever, and one of their worst. Guido also revealed the group’s founder saying government and business owners should be shot. All while the group told their activists to avoid filming their activities to avoid incriminating themselves…

The BBC did not have a good month. Europe Editor Katya Adler was found to have breached guidelines over an anti-Michael Gove tweet. The corporation also wasted cash sending a presenter to Perugia hours after the story had been debunked. Frankie Boyle’s new ‘comedy’ show turned out to be a woke marxist discussion group. We also learned the enormous telly tax funded pay of the BBC’s biggest stars. Andrew Neil seized the moment to divulge more information about upcoming TV channel GB News…

Jess Phillips reminded us all to double check what you are talking about before you tweet. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace peculiarly accused his own armed forces of fighting “illegal wars”, and Corbynista MP Claudia Webbe was charged with harassment against a woman. Readers also enjoyed a feisty exchange between Sadiq Khan and Peter Whittle. Left wing Assembly Members tried to have Whittle ejected from the Chamber for saying the Labour Party “doesn’t really like patriotism very much”.

Honourable mentions:

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