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Distraction from Lockdown arrived with the US Presidential election, which Biden (eventually) won. The UK had clearly hedged its bets, however, with Guido reporting Boris’s congratulatory tweet image contained the remnants of a prepared message welcoming a second Trump term. Despite this, Boris became the first European leader to speak to Biden on the telephone. Remainers wrong on ‘back of the queue’ yet again…

Back at home perhaps the biggest news was the dramatic exit of Dom Cummings from Number 10, following increasing bust ups over influence.

Good news came, however when UK Vaccine Taskforce’s Professor Sir John Bell said due to the vaccine news that life will return to normal by spring. His words “yes, yes, yes!” led the BBC’s Sarah Montague to punch the air. Perhaps they celebrated too soon, however, as later on Guido revealed Rishi’s financial statement relied on figures that assumed the UK would be locked down under harsh restrictions for far longer than the Government had been suggesting.

Back on Brexit, as talks appeared to be breaking down, the Government took the unusual step of accusing the Scottish Government of working to undermine negotiations.

Guido was the first to report that the Lords Conduct committee advised the expulsion of a peer for the first time in the history of the Upper Chamber. Lord Ahmed was found to have used his position as a member of the House to sexually assault a complainant seeking his help, lie to the complainant about his intentions, and exploit the complainant emotionally and sexually despite knowing she was vulnerable. Lord Ahmed is now no longer a Peer.

The loony left Law Commission published a report on reforming “hate speech” laws, which would make drawing cartoons of Muhammad illegal. This came after Guido revealed the new Law Society President once boasted “my practice has allowed me to pursue politics through the courts”.

After the Cenotaph was desecrated by Extinction Rebellion activists, Guido exclusively revealed that Tory MP took it upon himself to take down their pretend wreath, and put it in a non-recyclable bin bag. Guido then revealed the MP was 2019er Chris Loder…

Guido exclusively revealed Carole Cadwalladr finally admitted that there was no evidence to back up her claims that the Russians financed the Brexit campaign or that Arron Banks was involved in shady deals with the Russians. She also agreed to pay Arron Banks’ costs…

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