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Recently retired doctors are being prevented from joining the vaccine rollout effort due to a web of bureaucracy, including diversity documentation mandated by the Equality Act. The Telegraph reported yesterday that of the 40,000 doctors and nurses who applied to return in March, 30,000 were eligible but only 5,000 had been given jobs by July.” And the NHS does not appear to have done anything to streamline the process, despite the severity of the pandemic. 

Doctors are reporting the hurdles they have to overcome to register, including documents on Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, Fire Safety, Conflict Resolution, and Preventing Radicalisation. Responding to a retired healthcare professional who was struggling to sign up to deliver vaccines, the NHS said the stringent process was “in order to recruit a wide array of individuals from a variety of backgrounds”. Guido would have thought it more important to get as many people as possible, not bog it down with diversity quotas.

Retired doctors and nurses are now taking to social media to express their frustration with the system.

This pointless red tape is costing lives.

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