August Review: BBC Bias Battered, Charmless, Fibbing Left-Wing Hacks, Green & Black Extremists mdi-fullscreen

August’s most popular story was yet another tale of BBC guests who turn out to be activists. This time is was the two “concerned mums” who turned out to be far left fanatics. Fancy that!

The woke BBC decided to drop Rule Britannia from the proms. It is no surprise that Tory MPs wrote to the new director-general of the BBC to demand fundamental reform of the biased BBC citing a number of stories featured on Guido. Tory MPs also tabled Bills to decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee, privatise the BBC and monitor BBC impartiality. Guido also called for Newsnight’s Lewis Goodall to resign after he spectacularly broke impartiality rules.

Talking of left-wing journalists, charmless James O’Brien told a parentWhen a Child Dies, it’s on You, Grace Blakely, the left-wing activist with a loose grip on reality, really should have taken the online Owen Jones masterclass (£47.56), instead she claimed that thanks to Rishi she got a free meal. She didn’t. 

Guido got his hands on the secret Cabinet briefings outlining the governments plans for autonomy, which have now transpired in the EU deal.

We reported on the disturbing BLM black shirt rally in Brixton, which was surely illegal under the laws brought in to curb Oswald Mosley’s paramilitaries. Eco-terrorists attacked party HQs including that of the Green Party. Guido made the case for proscribing Extinction Rebellion. In positive green news, Greta went back to school.

Labour’s membership data was stolen. Using data he should not have had Ed Davey won the LibDem leadership election. Unlucky for him.

As the government consulted on reforming political advertising, Guido’s editor had some thoughts on the matter based on over a decade of buying and selling billions of political adverts. Online giant Amazon, in a move that surprised only the Treasury, passed on the digital services tax directly to customers…

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