June Review: Piers Morgan’s SS Uniform, Black Lives Matter and Rob Roberts mdi-fullscreen

Guido reluctantly dipped his toe into the pool of the culture war in June, covering the mass-Black Lives Matter protests and debate surrounding the mindless wokery. The top-read being:

Most popular by far was Guido’s investigation into the Guardian’s BLM hypocrisy and own slave-affiliated history. Only a month later, the self-proclaimed anti-racist paper managed to confuse black rapper Kano for black rapper Wiley…

The most-read story of the month was Guido’s exclusive photos of the recently rebranded king of the woke Piers Morgan in Nazi uniform. Piers still hasn’t addressed the pictures; instead blocking anyone on Twitter who dared ask for an explanation. He even had the audacity to question Labour over their anti-Jewish history…

guten morgan britain

A less prominent, yet equally prevalent character of June was backbench Tory MP Rob Roberts; whose inappropriate midlife crisis behaviour was subject to multiple exclusive Guido exposés during the month:

New year, new Rob let’s hope…

There was also the extraordinary hate chanting about Boris’s policy wonk Munira Mirza:

Honourable mentions:

June archive here.

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