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At the start of 2020 the post-election quiet continued for the most part, with remainers and Labour coming to terms with Boris’s 80-seat majority and the final inevitability of Brexit.

Guido’s main focus for January, therefore, switched from the anti-democratic structures of the EU to that of Westminster’s Lobby cartel. At the start of the year, Lee Cain and Dominic Cummings launched “war” on the Lobby, changing their venue from Parliament to Downing Street. Guido decided to go through the gates of Downing Street and shake things up. Our live-Tweeting of the meetings genreated outrage from the Lobby and ruffled an entire coop-worth of feathers – the meeting descending into chaos – and would eventually bear fruit…

On the 31st at 11 pm, Boris – as promised – got Brexit done. Despite Boris’s calls to “bung a bob for a Big Ben bong” falling short, celebrations were in order; Guido was the first to reveal the Union Jack would be flown down the Mall, and himself took grateful receipt of some fine English caviar to celebrate the day. Readers loved Guido’s account of the final fiery meeting of UK MEPs in Brussels…

The Labour leadership election slowly got into gear, with a couple of Guido’s favourite Labour stories of the year going out in January. This photo exclusive of Sir Keir’s secret private school network and swanky dinners at St James’s private member’s clubs was only surpassed by exclusive footage of the Labour Shadow Cabinet drowning their sorrows with Karaoke in Charing Cross. It’s only thanks to Covid that Labour stopped drowning their sorrows this year…

Honourable mentions:

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