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Post-Brexit Blair is continuing to sound worryingly sensible, today pushing recommendations that had been floating around the think tank world all week for how to speed up vaccine deployment and end repeated lockdowns. In an article in the Independent┬átoday, the former Prime Minister calls for the present vaccination plan to “be altered and radically accelerated”.

Beginning to sound more like a Covid Recovery Group member than the new leader of his party, Blair is warning that the “economic and health damage, physical and mental” caused by more extended lockdown and the present vaccination timetable “will be colossal“. Some of Blair’s suggestions for accelerating vaccine rollout and ending lockdowns include:

  • Delivering vaccines with one dose rather than two for now – doubling their reach. This is an idea that has been intensely discussed around think tank circles for the last week – it saves more lives to temporarily give a million octogenarians substantial immunity than half a million total immunity. Booster doses can come months down the line when there is greater supply. This is a good explainer.
  • Give local GPs more flexibility in how they deliver the vaccine.
  • Explore vaccinating those spreading the disease – students and Rita Ora – as well as the most vulnerable to it.
  • Use every “available piece of infrastructure” to accelerate the vaccine programme. Local pharmacies should be able to vaccinate people with the easier to handle Oxford vaccine.

All good suggestions that the Government should take into serious consideration. Blair let himself down on the Today Programme this morning, however, evangelising once more for bonkers statist ID cards and ‘Health Passports‘. A surefire way to undermine confidence in the one way to beat the disease. Just as Guido was beginning to think Blair had come to his senses.

Perhaps he shouldn’t join the CRG after all.

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