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Is it time for someone to stage an intervention with James Delingpole? Guido and Delingpole are nodding acquaintances and we generally have a laugh when our paths cross at parties. He’s done heroic work exposing the green movement’s fakery and corruption over the years. Of late Guido senses that the demise of Trump has triggered him somewhat. He goes far beyond the “we wuz robbed” stance that many Trumpians take, he says that and then some. James writes this morning that President Trump is on the verge of his second term:

This is why I still have faith that Donald Trump is going to win his rightful second term as president (and I mean now, not 2024). It’s not that I underestimate the vastness of the forces arrayed against him. Rather it’s that I believe there are enough people out there – from those 74 million Trump voters to the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to the tenacious, fearless, 5-D-chess-playing President himself – who understand that this attempted election theft poses an existential threat to the Republic and, by extension, to the Free World. They will not let this crime happen because they are fully aware that the costs of nipping this globalist coup in the bud now will be as nothing to the costs of dealing with it should these evil-doers be allowed to prevail.

My suspicion is that Trump has known this for years, that he has been preparing for it all along, and that he and his most trusted advisers are simply biding their time before they strike.

5-D-chess-playing Trump? Spooks planning to block the constitutional process? A globalist coup? A secret Trump Team plan to strike back? Delingpole’s long-term podcast partner Toby Young has tried gently broaching the subject with James, to no avail. Reality apparently is for “cucks”, not 5-dimensional-chess-playing Trumpians… 

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