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Wales was the only country in the world to follow Sir Keir’s suggestion of a two-week lockdown. Now the country – which has one third the population density of England – has soaring Coronavirus cases. Yesterday, First Minister Drakeford took the controversial approach of blaming the Welsh people for not following his rules for causing the highest rates of Covid in the UK. Drakeford told BBC Breakfast:

“It is partly because, despite the strict rules we have here, fatigue, people’s sense of no hope for the future has meant that not everybody has been willing to abide by the restrictions that are still necessary.

We have seen people having house parties, people inviting large numbers of people back to their own houses when that is absolutely not allowed within our rules.”

Drakeford is close to an epiphany here yet his solution is not looser restrictions that people would be more likely to follow, it’s continuing to tighten them in a one-size-fits-all approach while more and more give up on them entirely. Could it be that the Welsh people’s lack of respite in the summer (with far stricter rules than England), coupled with the new barmy banning the sale of alcohol across the country, has driven more people to give up on the rules as a whole?

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