Boris Set for Historic Return of Royal Powers with Repeal of Fixed-Term Parliaments Act mdi-fullscreen

Guido has confirmed that the government is today set to publish legislation that will finally repeal the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, the 2011 bill that removed the power of the PM to call an election, instead requiring 2/3 of the Commons to approve one. Famously the cause of 2019’s months-long traffic jam where Labour could block Boris’s call for an election…

Constitutional buffs will be aware repealing the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act isn’t enough, as it would leave a hole in the British constitution whereby no one could call an election other than Her Majesty. Guido learns the government is going to take the historically unprecedented step of restoring the Queen’s prerogative powers to the PM – in this case Boris – for the first time in Britain’s modern constitutional history, to allow him to call an election at whim. As one source puts it, “prerogative powers will be resurrected, like Jesus”…

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