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Guido couldn’t help but notice Biden’s margin of victory in key swing states is significantly less than the vote afforded to low profile Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen. In four states worth 57 electoral votes, the Libertarian candidate massively exceeds Biden’s lead over Trump. Democrats wisely worked to keep the Green Party’s presidential candidate off the ballot in key states…

Wisconsin (+10) Pennsylvania (+20) Arizona (+11) Georgia (+16)
Biden over Trump 20,540 45,727 16,985 10,353
Jorgensen 38,415 77,529 49,984 61,894

These swing states together would have taken Trump’s electoral college vote to a commanding 286. Now it might be the case that those voters would have stayed at home or even voted for Biden if the Libertarian Party not been on the ballot. However it is more likely those votes would have gone to a liberal Republican. It’s the Libertarians Biden has to thank…

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