Theresa May’s Clarion Call for a Lockdown Cost Benefits Analysis

Boris scuttled out of the chamber at the start of his predecessor’s speech, perhaps he should have stuck about for it. Theresa May tore into not only Labour’s recurring lockdown plans, she also slammed the lack of analysis on how the government’s tiered system is working. The former Prime Minister said it seems as if the decision to lock down was influenced by Vallance and Whitty’s scenario of 4,000 deaths a day – a trajectory that the UK is clearly not actually on. Or likely ever was…

“For many people it looks as if the figures are chosen to support the policy rather than the policy being based on the figures.”

She went on to decry the lack of a cost benefits analysis of lockdown – which many think would show that the lockdown costs outweigh the benefits. She also joined religious leaders in warning against banning religious services and the cancellation of the national remembrance service in particular. Who would have thought that Theresa May, of all people, would be flying the flag for the libertarian right of the Conservative Party?

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