Dr. Gammons Set to Take UKIP’s Fight to Sadiq Khan mdi-fullscreen

A senior party source informs Guido that the race to choose UKIP’s 2021 London mayoral candidate has one clear front runner leading the pack ahead of the NEC vote; it looks almost certain the party once led by Dick Braine is returning to nominative determinism in selecting Dr. Peter Gammons to take the fight to Sadiq Khan. A little bit bad taste to take Gammons to a fight against a Muslim candidate…

Dr. Gammons is a professional “inspirational and motivational speaker” and claims to have spoken to rallies of up to 4 million people, becoming a friend and adviser to “Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, Celebrities and World Leaders” in the process. Peter’s ironic name also led to headlines last September after publicly defecting from the Brexit Party to UKIP. Let’s hope Dr. Gammons’s commitment to UKIP wasn’t a load of porkies…

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