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A crushing blow has been dealt to the revisionists over at Black Lives Matter this morning as a woke review by Leeds’ Labour council has found zero statues of individuals linked to the slave trade. Despite an avalanche of 1,400 supporters backing the removal of a statue of Sir Robert Peel ¬†– and the graffitiing of a Queen Victoria statue – no statues with direct links to slavery in the city were found. The game of racist eye spy did, however, find an “architectural frieze” on a privately-owned building which includes “an African lifting a bale”…

A poll of Leeds residents carried out as part of the review, found only 3% of residents back the removal of statues, with 55% against both removals and any review. Of the 55%, 52% argued they’re part of the city’s history, and 29% felt it would be “Pandering to BLM/protesters”. The pesky silent majority, even in a metropolitan¬†area like Leeds, strikes again…

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