Despite Brexit Stories Continue in Midst of Deepest Recession in History mdi-fullscreen

Guido is pleased to see that even in the context of the pandemic, news agencies are dogmatically sticking to the age-old “despite Brexit” headlines. Today’s offering from Sky News that the UK video games sector has hit a record size; with The Independent Games Developers’ Association saying more than 1,740 jobs have been added to the sector in the last year – now generating £907 million in revenues annually. It’s dogma only that sees Brexit still being included in the media’s economic analysis for seemingly no reason, especially given the UK has just been through the deepest recession in its history (unrelated to Brexit of course)…

The domestic video game market isn’t a Brexit-related area, given almost every console company is American or Japanese – one of which the EU doesn’t have a trade deal with, and the other of whom the UK now has a superior agreement with. Still, whatever makes the media happy…

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