Calamity Rachel’s Ever Extending Lockdown

Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Rachel Reeves inadvertently brilliantly illustrated the absurd and inevitable consequences of Labour’s new national lockdown approach on the Andrew Marr programme yesterday morning.

Answering one question from Marr, whilst trying to admit that a new lockdown wouldn’t mean going back to normal afterwards, Reeves initially described the lockdown as a “two week” measure, before correcting herself to “three week“. This then became “two to three weeks” before bizarrely claiming it would gain “28 days” of delay. Either Rachel doesn’t know her seven times table, or just like her Brexit policy these lockdowns will be extended ad nauseam…

In the same interview, Reeves admitted that Labour would not resist calls for endlessly repeating lockdowns, yoyoing families and businesses in and out of animation until, if ever, a vaccine is found. The cat’s out of the bag, a new national lockdown would be the start of a new chaotic ‘normal’...

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