What Are the Benefits of Brexit?

Dewsbury MP Mark Eastwood relayed a question from some Remain voting constituents yesterday during yesterday’s Future Relationship with the European Union Committee questioning session with Michael Gove and David Frost. Eastwood noted that Remain voting constituents continually asked what the benefits of Brexit are, and asked Gove to explain some. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster launched into a spur of the moment delineation of the benefits, including but not limited to…

  • Taking back control of borders with a points based system of immigration.
  • Making our own laws and regulations.
  • A British regulatory framework will be able to better exploit the fourth industrial revolution and avoid EU protectionism.
  • Controlling trade policy, leading to new and better agreements such as the Japan FTA and joining the CPTPP.
  • An independent sanctions and human rights regime separate to and more progressive than the EU’s.
  • Taking back control of fishing waters and exclusive economic zone.
  • Replacing the wasteful anti-environmental Common Agricultural Policy.
  • More accountable political system. Direct Parliamentary accountability. Politicians no longer hiding behind EU rules.
  • A new state aid regime that is responsive and in keeping with free market principles, but also that support the agenda of levelling up.
  • New freeports.
  • Taking back control of the £20 billion currently controlled by the EU every year to spend on UK priorities instead.

A short summary…

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