Claudia Webbe: Britain is as Bad as Iran

Remarkable scenes in the Foreign Office Select Committee hearing yesterday afternoon when recently-sacked Labour MP Claudia Webbe suggested the UK is no worse than Iran. Asking the Foreign Secretary what he means by “Iran’s destabilising activities”, Raab pointed out the obvious:

“Supporting militia and terrorist groups around the world to either attack their host countries or Western interests, including the United Kingdom’s.”

To which Claudia jaw-droppingly responded,

In that sense, I mean, would it be argued that the UK in a sense equally has difficulties? It’s bit like… I think there’s a quaint English term called calling the kettle black. I mean, would it not be argued that we’re a bit duplicitous in that?”

Raab suggested Corbynista Claudia should take a “real long, hard look in the mirror if you’re thinking that the United Kingdom is in any way replicating, mirroring or somehow engaged in the kind of behaviour that Iran is in terms of its support for terrorism”Watch the incredible exchange in full above…

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